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How to Tie Thai Fisherman Pants

We love these stylish pants! They are lightweight and breezy without the need to pick a size, and you will be the envy of your friends when you wear them. Learn how to tie Thai Fisherman Pants with these simple steps.

  1. Step right in. You may feel like these are WAY too big. Thai Fisherman Pants come in an easy, one-size-fits-all model. Stick with us.
  2. Choose the left or right side of the fabric which you would like to have on top and call that side #1. Hold side #1 loosely near your navel, or at a height where you like the length it creates.
  3. Pull tightly from side #2 of the pants, and fold it in towards your navel, under side #1.
  4. Hold side #2 tight after it’s folded in. You are halfway to being a Thai fisherman!
  5. Pull on side #1 and fold it to the center as tightly as you can, making an angled crease in the fabric that will continue down your leg.
  6. Hold both sides tightly against your body with one hand, use the other hand to pull one of the strings tightly across your body, and then hold the string tight with the first hand.
  7. With your free hand, pull the second string around the opposite direction of your body to meet the first string. (Yes, you may feel like a pretzel at this point.)
  8. Tie the strings together snugly to one side, and against your body.
  9. Fold the fabric above the string down over the string and knot to form a waistband.
  10. If you prefer, you can tuck the fabric in behind the knot so that it can be tightened or adjusted as needed.

That’s it! Now you can dress in style in your Thai Fisherman pants.

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