Sky flight basket handmade gift fair trade in blue shades

Sky Flight Basket

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As part of our Fair Trade collection, this basket is handmade in Uganda.

Made of Raffina fibers, this basket is hand crafted by Artisans in Uganda, as they spiral the blue shades. Raffia is used in textiles, basket-making, rope-making, garden string, construction, and for roofing, making it a very versatile material. The basket is made by forming the core of each coil in banana fiber, around which raffia palm is wrapped. The fiber is threaded through the previous coil to form the basket.

Fair Trade items are paid for at fair prices to the producers and designers in the developing countries where they are made. This global movement helps put people first! When you purchase Fair Trade, you help provide income that will pay for basic living expenses, while also empowering the artisans.