Why Fair Trade?

In a world where so much is beyond our control, you can make a difference simply by changing the way you shop. That’s right… shopping can better the world. Every time you buy something, you’re casting a vote and making a statement about the kind of world you want. Who makes the products you’re buying? How are they being treated? Are global workers and artisans being exploited so you can pay so little for that scarf? Unfortunately, the answer is too often yes.

This rings especially true for women artisans. In impoverished regions around the world, women are unable to earn an income to provide for their families, prevented by either culture or circumstance. Human rights violations are commonplace in these areas, and women bear the brunt of these atrocities.

So if you retrace the life cycle of that scarf back to its origins, you will likely find a woman with tired hands knitting your scarf for pennies under conditions that would shock any right-minded person. And that should concern you.

It concerns us too.

And that’s why we’re doing everything we can to support organizations and employers who comply with global fair trade laws. Fair trade products are certified to ensure fair wages, humane working conditions, care for the environment, and the treatment of workers with respect and dignity.

You change lives when you shop fair trade and purchase with purpose.

Shop Fair Trade to Change Lives

In the United States, Fair Trade organizations have been hard at work for more than 70 years, importing products that meet stringent standards in keeping with global guidelines.

Fair Trade means you get beautiful, handmade goods from artisans earning a living wage and able to provide for their families.

When women earn an income, studies show they invest their earnings back into the family—into their children’s health and education, which in turn helps spur the community and economy. 

This means YOUR shopping can change individual lives, families, communities, and countries!

When you shop Fair Trade, you support the continuing of these standards and create ongoing opportunity for artisans.

We can help you make a difference!

Because we want to lift up the lives of women and girls worldwide, we are a Fair Trade marketplace for home goods, handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and exquisite handmade gifts from around the world. 

And while most of our artisans are women, we don’t exclude male artisans -- whole communities thrive when women are allowed opportunity alongside the men. 

We also provide yoga and meditation accessories so that you can feel good about your mindful practices along with your shopping.

Our products are sourced from a variety of certified Fair Trade artisan groups, as well as from others who may be using fair practices but have not yet been certified (those items have been labeled accordingly). Any wholesalers and suppliers we use only work with groups who are ensuring ethical treatment of workers. 

Join us as we work to change lives with goods you will love and gifts from around the world.

Let’s make a difference together. Live fair so they can live better!