Fair Trade Chakra Stones handmade in various colors and lotus designs

Chakra Balancing Stones

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The Chakra Balancing Stones help you align your energy. These hand-painted balancing stones are handcrafted by stone carvers in Agra. Tara Projects, one of our Fair Trade Partners, has been working with the artisans for nearly two decades, ensuring fair prices and emphasizing the importance of education for their children.

Use these stones for mindful meditation and balance your chakras. Each individual stone is hand carved with a lotus design and has a unique color to correspond with the chakras. All seven  are included, affirmations for crown (enlightenment), third eye (vision), throat (communication), heart (love), solar plexus (courage and will), sacral (passion), and root (physical well-being).

When the Taj Mahal was built, skilled stone workers were brought to Agra, now their descendants remain and use the same tools to create pieces like these and other sculptures and decorative items.

Fair Trade items are purchased at fair prices from artisans in developing countries. This global movement helps put people first! When you purchase Fair Trade, you help provide income for basic living expenses, while also empowering artisans.