Copper Healing Bracelet with Unique Design Fair Trade Made
Fair Trade Copper Bracelet Made, Fits all
Unique Copper Bracelet

Copper Wrap Healing Bangle

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The Copper Wrap Healing Bangle is part of our Banyan Tree Fair Trade collection. This handcrafted bangle is made in Nepal by our Fair Trade partners.

If you are looking for a bracelet that does a lot for the body and soul, a 100% Copper bracelet will do wonders. The copper provides a harmonic connection between your physical and astral bodies, while also aligning the subtle bodies. Copper is known to be a bestower of good, stimulating initiative, diplomacy, independence, and optimism. You'll be able to combat lethargy, passivity, restlessness, and excitability with this handmade 100% Copper bracelet.

Fair Trade items are paid for at fair prices to the producers and designers in the developing countries where they are made. This global movement helps put people first! When you purchase Fair Trade, you help provide income that will pay for basic living expenses, while also empowering the artisans.