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How to Live More Sustainably

Together we have learned that sustainable items come from systems that value people, planet, and profits equally []. Your choices will have a lasting positive impact when you decide to learn how to live more sustainably, and take action.

Your Choices Impact People

The people impact is the reason why we at Banyan Tree started our online Fair Trade store. Across the world in developing nations, women are working hard to provide for their families. Some are starving or just barely existing, and this breaks our hearts.

Other women are working in much better circumstances with Fair Trade groups. They may be learning new weaving techniques, practicing business management, or using their own skills to teach others.

Women are voting in democratic co-ops or participating in company discussions about how a Fair Trade premium (an additional community fund) should be used to benefit everyone.

In addition, these women are empowered to be financially independent. This means that they can invest their earnings into education for their children, healthcare, and their community.

Your choice to shop Fair Trade makes this possible. Talented artisans get the opportunity to thrive in a sustainable life.

When you continue choosing Fair Trade gifts and products over time, you continue the long-term success of this business model. You help KEEP kids in school and moms employed!

Fair Trade businesses also consider the planet and integrate recycled materials into many of their products. This means that care for people and planet work together in parallel.

You have more power than you may think. And you can also teach others how to live more sustainably when you shop Fair Trade and tell your friends about it.

Your Choices Impact the Planet

Climate change is an ever-growing concern. Too much or too little rain has eliminated crops. Weather changes have forced people to migrate and caused conflict over land, as well as shortages of jobs and homes. Refugees have fled their homelands over these issues, and the problem is not getting better.

World problems can be overwhelming. There are many ways you can take steps to preserve more of our ecosystems and learn how to live more sustainably. Here are just a few.

When you work to consume less, waste less, and reduce plastic, you are growing your sustainable impact. Choosing reusable shopping bags and cloth napkins are great ways to reduce waste. You could also take your own glass carryout containers to restaurants, foregoing the plastic or foam containers that are the norm.

Take your own water bottle to refill, rather than buying plastic water bottles. Recycle whenever possible – it’s easier than it’s ever been.

In addition, you might consider ways your lifestyle could be more friendly to the planet. Combine car trips to save on gas, or carpool with friends when possible. Next time you buy a car, look at hybrid and electric options.

Water is a a precious commodity, and conserving this natural resource helps make the planet more sustainable. Perhaps this includes choosing grasses and landscape plants that are native to your climate, so they need less water. It could also mean collecting water in rain barrels to water those plants.

Reduce your energy usage. This may mean using your heater or air conditioner a little less, and turning off lights when you’re not in a room.

Besides caring for the environment, your positive planet choices also affect people. Small farmers in developing nations have done the least to cause climate change, but they have suffered the most from its effects.

Your Choices Impact Profits

How you spend your time and money matters. When you can take time to slow down and consider your purchases and plans, you may be able to save money in your budget. You may be able to buy higher quality, lasting items rather than a high quantity of items.

If you own a business, conserving energy and treating people with dignity impacts profits positively and can begin positive changes in your industry. You can also be part of the challenge to other businesses when you set the example and ask them to create a plan for sustainability.

People, Planet, Profits

How to live more sustainably includes making decisions on purpose that produce positive impacts on people, planet, and profits. We owe it to ourselves and to our fellow humans to do what we can to work on these challenges.

None of us will save the world on our own. But if we each take charge of our own choices and begin simple steps, living more sustainably becomes a habit. As the movement spreads, we can together start to change the world around us.

Join our journey in living life fair! You can start by exploring our online Fair Trade store.

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